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Advanced Application

            Application form for the Advanced Level course


Free Psychodramatic Bodywork® Articles

            Psychodramatic Bodywork® Explored

                Susan Aaron, The British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociodrama, Volume 25, Issue 1,

                Spring/Summer 2010             

           The Somatic Double—A Key Role in Psychodramatic Bodywork®

                 Susan Aaron, The Journal of Psychodramatic, Sociometry, and Group Psychotehrapy, Volume                      61, Number 1, Spring 2013 

            Guidelines for Safe Touch in a Therapeutic Context

            Bringing My World Alive: Combining Sandtray-Worldplay and Psychodramatic Bodywork®

                 Rita Benson

            Safe Touch Contract

            Spiritual Dimensions of Psychodrama: A Theoretical and Qualitative Research Project into a                         Spiritual Field of Psychotherapy

                Michael Chase

                Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama, Diploma Programme

            Bioenegetics and Energy Healing in Groups 

                 Andrea J. Moodie


Free Psychodramatic Bodywork® Research Reports

            Effects of Psychodramaric Bodywork® - An Evaluation of Tamara's House.

                 Tamara's House 2001 Research Report

Psychodramatic Bodywork® References


            Shiatsu and Emotions

Video & Audio Clips:

               A review of the DVD’s “Understanding and Releasing Anger” and “Understanding and Releasing                   Fear"

               Click HERE to view the "Understanding and Releasing Anger" video on YouTube.

               Click HERE to view the "Understanding and Releasing Fear" video on YouTube.

               Click HERE to view Jeannie Jonathan, a UK therapist, discuss her use of Psychodramatic                                 Bodywork® as a treatment modality

One woman’s experience of the Introductory Level Workshop


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